• Being Ahead of the Day

    Charan Surdhar is an epigeneticist by training and work history. Charan turned epigeneticist from her inner most desire to reveal the truth about our human [...]

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    Painting Dragons

    My cohost on the show today will be Stellaphant, my kitten. She has a very loud voice and possibly purr, if she feels like it. [...]

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    Co-create Your Reality

    So we all seek a sense the connection and purpose in our lives, but how can we nourish these needs? Let's look at how viewing [...]

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Cultural Brilliance with Claudette Rowley

By |April 15th, 2019|Categories: Energy|

The DNA of organizational excellence. Claudette Rowley Cultural Brilliance CEO is a change management consultant, cultural designer and executive coach. She is passionate about empowering leaders and organizations to be solved, complex or guest organizational [...]

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