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Creative Solutions

“My biggest challenge throughout the years has been to complicate the process I share enough to satisfy the needs of logical people. (There really is no need to understand why it works). The multi-verse speaks through results! but most people are taught to focus on reaching their goals through hard work.”

~ Colette Marie Stefan

Notice that the Creative Solution takes into consideration the cause and effect of every action taken and the implications of those actions for others’ goals, as well as the possibilities of reaching your goals in every aspect of life, as a balanced individual contributing to the whole. You are the centre of your universe, as is everyone else! We are all equal! We are all one!

Its a good idea to hone your skills on H.S.N.!

H.S.N. (the Higher Self Network) is similar to M.S.N. and other frequencies you tune into as you listen to radio shows, watch television, read a book, etc. The difference is, your sub-conscious and un-conscious minds are constantly logged on to H.S.N. whether your conscious mind is aware of it or not.

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