Harness The Synergy Of Like – Minded People Dedicated To Improving Their Lives And Reaping The Benefits!


Tele-Spas (the second Thursday of each month) and Tele-Shifting (the third Thursday of each month) began as a cost-effective alternative to private consultations but over the last decade we have been pleasantly surprised to discover how powerful the synergy of a group can be!

Row Your Boat, Gently Down The Stream!

We Have Paddles!

(and other tools) to successfully navigate uncharted waters!

Colette offers two series of Tele-Conferences, Float Your Boat Tele-Shifting and Bee Irresistible Tele-Spas. The calls are recorded for your convenience and listening pleasure. The energetic upgrades take place through H.S.N. (Higher Self Network) in real time and are reinforced when listening to the call later.

Let go of old, limiting patterns to create new life-changing strategies that benefit you, family, friends and your community.

The synergy of the group will be boosted to empower each other and as the blocks are released you will become strong to attracting, experiencing and living your authentic desires.

Float Your Boat Tele-Shifting Calls are approximately ninety minutes long and capped at fifty participants. Each participant is invited to submit one issue or goal pertaining to the topic of the day. Colette will address issues around the general topic and will specifically address the issues of the first twenty-four people who sign up for the call. (First come, first served!). Your name will remain anonymous!

Everyone is welcome! And this is also Colette’s favorite way of keeping her students in the flow of new information and energetic upgrades to hone their skills and build on their results after attending her live events. She will take time to explain some of her shifts on these calls as time allows.

Looking Good Is A Business Decision!

Call To Dance Live Events!
Not sure what your calling is? No problem! Challenges are possibilities in disguise……

Join your fun facilitator, Colette Marie Stefan and her team for two fun-filled days putting life transforming information and easy to use tools into practice dedicated to shifting your life into better!

This intimate event is capped at 24 students to ensure that the needs of each individual are met and the groups’ potential is boosted as a whole.

They Don’t Teach This Shift in School!

Download the complete Call to Dance Syllabus Here

Baby Steps – GET NEUTRAL!

In this three and a half hour introduction discover the power of neutrality and how to align your energy with what you want! More Dates Coming Soon!


Getting Our Shift Together at Live Events…..