“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.” –Oprah

Do You Feel Ravaged By The Winds Of Change? Blown Way Off Course Along With The Rest Of Humanity?

You are not alone!

Are You Stuck In Your J.O.B. (Journey Of The Broke)?

Fighting For Your Health? Bored With Your Relationships, The Same Old Tales, And The Same Old Outcomes?

You DO have a higher calling!

Remember, As A Child, When You Just Knew You Could Be Whatever You Wanted To Be Or Do Whatever You Wanted To Do? (Even President Of The United States Of America!)

THE “GOOD” NEWS IS: Apparently, this Is true! YOU CAN!

THE “BAD” NEWS IS:  Life doesn’t always happen quite like you thought it would and the problem is never what you THINK it is!

I am often asked, will energy work improve my love life? My money situation? My health? My dog’s behavior? My head ache? The loss of a loved one? And…the list goes on!

THE ANSWER: Absolutely! Yes! We can learn how to quiet the “what ifs?” and FEEL for the best answer to any problem at any given moment, whatever it is regarding; career, love life, health, finances, fitness, youthfulness, etc…


Not sure what your calling is? No problem! Challenges are possibilities in disguise…

Join your fun facilitator, Colette Marie Stefan and her team for two fun-filled days putting life transforming information and easy to use tools into practice dedicated to shifting your life into better!

This intimate event is capped at 24 students to ensure that the needs of each individual are met and the groups’ potential is boosted as a whole.

They don’t teach this stuff in school!

Answer the Call….

Be the best version of yourself!

See Colette in action on Friday night prior to the seminar at a live demonstration, working with people in the audience to clear energetic weaknesses on the spot!

Of course, it would not be a call to dance if there was not dancing….

Join us after the demo for a couple of sets of dance to get the energy moving!

Download the full class syllabus here!

Certified Layer One Students that want a review and “a weekend of shifting” are welcome for only $275 plus applicable taxes! Click Here for your options!

NEW! Baby Steps – GET NEUTRAL! In this three and a half hour introduction, discover the power of neutrality and how to align your energy with what you want!  Come, and bring your family, to the next LIVE Event Saturday June 1st from 7-9pm and learn more about the programs and to receive special discounts! Dates and details below!

Congratulations Layer Four Dragon Sayers!

“Colette, Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything that you shared with us on Friday night in Penticton. I’ve never been to such an inspiring, uplifting get-together, ever! You are soooo funny as well. Love your sense of humor with life’s issues.”