Rhonda is a woman of First Nation/Scottish-Irish background who has overcome many challenges and who possesses a personal passion for her artwork.

She puts love into all the work she does from transforming small stones into ladybugs to traditional beading and basket making. Making these bags for the Dragon cards is very exciting for Rhonda and it shows in her work. Rhonda’s medium is Mother Earth, who provides many of the resources she uses.

Rhonda successfully dealt with her own addiction issues in 2003 and subsequently dedicated many years of studies towards her recovery and now has found her passion in her art work.

Rhonda is a very grounded person and deeply cares for people, the land and the environment. She also gathers many different wild foods and dries them for hot drinks, and cold ones too!

I would like to share my journey with Colette….

This past Oct. 2016 I called into the  radio show. Colette was on with Dr Pat. I noticed so I went on quick I didn’t even know that it was a dragon card reading so I thought, why not call? … wow so happy I did! it started a chain reaction of the most amazing things and more to come….

When I called I didn’t realize I needed an issue so it didn’t take me long to share that I was living in a not so good place I was so stressed from actions of the manager and it was a 10 on the scale maybe more lol!

So she did correcting on me and it was so amazing I could feel the energy flowing through me. I was in awwwww….

I was so grateful…

I called in again with Marc. Only thing I can remember is something about royalty I should listen again …then the Free brother and the #s thingy… Will Hatch and LeRoy Malouf….

I am an artist and never did bring up my art …but it opened my art up. I suddenly was being seen and recognized as a talented artist not just a hobby thing…which it was for many years…

I got  an order to go to Japan,  then more to Japan … I was asked to join an online group of weavers in New Zealand and am in the process of it…

I bought my first home a 24 ft Old motor home in amazing shape low miles great on fuel or will be once I’m on the road … I have somewhere to park it for now, till I figure out where I want to go.


By clearing the other, I was able to be open and my art is flourishing. I was able to get a home on wheels, my dream! Now I am working on the next dreams… of just being well. I do think I have done this too but in such a better place!

After the second call Colette talked about having a class when she said this I knew I was going to be apart of this greatness and especially it was here in Okanagan bonus!!!

I did do the 1st call to dance and am saving for the next one in Oct. so exciting….

Thank you Colette for sharing your gifts of wisdom and love and for helping me find my way back home….

By coming from your heart anything is possible, even when you don’t think it is …

Rhonda McLean