Laws Of The Multi-Verse (how it is)…

Unlike manmade laws,  Laws of the Multi-Verse are not governed by the random opinion and rules of policy makers. These physical laws   use the language of numbers to describe what happens under certain conditions on the back end of action. Science and math are the sacred voice of God, yet many people are taught to choose between the two, as if they are in conflict with each other.

Because of this, they are often more familiar with “Murphy’s Law” than the Laws of the Multi-Verse.


“If there are more than two ways to do something and one of those ways can result in catastrophe, then someone will do it.”

Edward A. Murphy Jr. 1947

U.S. Force Engineer coined this phrase after observing the after-effects of a rocket sled experiment gone awry.



be. (still)

coherence + consistent steps of action



best case scenario

consistent steps of action




commitment + consistent steps of action

Reality – Nothing is solid in the unified field.

Nothing is solid in the unified field. Reality changes in a split second, highlighting aspects of life that flash in and out of being, creating objects from fluid thoughts. These thoughts are expressed as solid matter manifested particle by particle and reflected back to you second by second though the truth of your experience.

Nothing exists independent of your observation. Yet, interpretations of reality are often based on incomplete data gathered from limited life experiences that alter perception of the “whole story”. On a movie reel, there are 24 still frames/second with space in-between each frame. The illusion of action within the frames is caused by the speed at which the images, succeeds each other, giving the illusion of “motion pictures”.

Your reality is perceived through physical sense of touch, taste, smell, sound and sight and also through navigational systems of equilbrioception, proprioception, thermoception and noprioception to define physical space. The spectrum or range of your receiver depends on your filter, as a unique interpretation of every direct and indirect experience you and  other individuals undergo, as well as a general experience for the collective whole.

“You have the ability to TUNE IN to H.S.N. similar to What’s App or MSN.”

The main difference is that you are consciously log on to those apps to chat. You are constantly chatting on HSN with others with your sub-conscious and un-conscious mind-whether your mind is aware of it or not.

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