Co-Author Life SPARKS, Edition #1

 Colette Marie Stefan

Opportunities are Disguised as Problems


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LifeSPARKS, Edition #1
Stories to Illuminate, Inspire and Ignite

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What people are saying about LifeSPARKS book:

I haven’t actually finished the book yet, I bought it 2 days ago. If you have had a session with or listened to Colette’s radio show or purchased any of her audio products this is an extension of that. The book is written with an energy and intention behind it to bring in shifts of perspective and healing. It is written not to be read from front to back, start to finish, end to end. It is written so you can pop it open and work on that aspect, or find what you are interested in that moment that day and follow that thread. I think it works clearing layers. If you have had any energy work done or taken classes you might be familiar with the idea of the onion and peeling back layers. I like to think of it as climbing up a winding staircase because it seems like you keep passing by the same things to clear/windows/marks on the wall that gets less painful as you go up and heal that aspect of you. I simply could not wait however long it takes to have the print version of the book shipped to me. I will probably purchase it anyway as I find it so useful and would love to be able to flip the pages back and forth. I recommend listening to Colette’s radio show The Truth is Funny if you haven’t already to see if this resonates with you. Also, the radio show is free and often you will receive a healing/clearing when she heals/clears callers and sometimes she will do healings/clearings sometime during the show or even at the end. I am certain better reviews will be posted later as more people read this book which will help a person make the decision to or not to purchase the book. The intent behind this is to inform you this does exist, it is real, you can buy it now and if you are familiar with Colette and enjoy what she does this is for you.
Tisha Hofmann