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With Colette Marie Stefan

Colette is available for a limited number of consultations via phone or Skype for your personal energetic upgrade™. This is a special opportunity to identify and eliminate underlying influences that are weakening your specific situation and gain tools to shift it at quantum speed.

You will be amazed at the relief you feel as you shift to neutrality to access creative solutions through your intuition.

A. Consultations are usually available anywhere within a day to a week unless Colette is hosting demos, seminars and/or traveling. Wednesday mornings at 8:00 AM Pacific Time Colette is busy hosting her radio show The Truth Is Funny on Transformation Talk Radio. In reality there is no time…shift happens when it is most beneficial for you!
A. During the consultation, Colette will follow and pinpoint the leading energetic weaknesses through conversation and connection on HSN (Higher Self Network) to peel the layers and get to the root cause that is preventing you from achieving your goals in every area of your life. Humans are multi-faceted beings functioning at many levels: physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Every session is as unique as you are! Many people experience quick and often instant resolution of pain and other symptoms.
A. During your personal consultation Colette addresses weaknesses that are specific to your situation with the intention to delete to negative infinity the residuals and remnants of traumatic memories and the negative effects, sentiments and hesitations holding you back from achieving your goals with ease. Listening to a recording of it over and over again is like listening to old news. Colette does provide several recordings that are designed to peel away layers of weaknesses for specific topics on a general level every time they are listened to, with the intention that all general shifts are specific enough for everyone listening to them. Having said that, many of Colette’s clients are energetic practitioners that find it useful to follow the shifts for growth in their personal and professional life. There is a checkbox on the form to indicate that you want to record the session and have Colette take the time to vocalize the energetic shifts as they happen. (Colette does not provide recordings of personal sessions)
A. Please request to connect with Colette through Skype at Colette CV prior to your appointment. She will call you at the designated time and phone number or at the Skype contact that you provide on the form when you book your appointment. (Skype calls are audio only)
A. After purchasing your consultation time, check your e-mail to ensure that you have received a copy of: 1) your invoice 2) your Personal Consultation Confirmation It is recommended that you indicate for Colette what you want to achieve from your personal consultation in the comment box provided on the purchase form. Many times people perceive a shift between the time of booking the session and the time of the consultation, If that is the case for you, let Colette know at the beginning of your session what you have noticed and she will go from there.
A. There is no right or wrong way to clear energy. Regardless of whether the weakness presents on the physical or non-physical level, the energy is held in our physical body and will be released mainly through the elimination systems, the colon is most efficient along with the bladder. It is common to notice an increase in bowel movements and urination sometimes with a strong smell when people are letting go of toxins and toxic reactions to emotions. As well yawning, burping, sneezing, flatulence, heavier menstruation, are also common occurrences. Some people experience sentimental sadness and/or burst out in laughter as they become neutral to what was bothering them. Many people will feel sleepy during and after a session, for this reason, driving is not recommended when you are having a consultation or listening to a recording. Others will feel completely invigorated. One common side effect before and after consultations is a desire to clean house and organize physical space. Every consultation is as unique as you are… let go of expectations and enjoy the ride!



If you are located outside North America, 
your session will be done through Skype.

Colette does not place calls outside North America.
Once you have purchased the session, you will receive instructions
about how to connect with Colette through Skype.

When you are booking your appointment for a consultation with Colette,
please set your appointment for at least twenty-four hours later
as it may not appear on Colette’s schedule in due time.