Project Description

On January 23, 2012, we move out of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit into the prosperous and fertile Year of the Dragon. Dragons represent potent and benevolent power as the ultimate ruler of all the elements, embodying primordial power as a catalyst for change and transformation, wisdom, infinity, longevity and movement through space.

It is critical that we adapt our way of living and eliminate out-of-date practices that hinder the brilliant future of our planet, our galaxy and the entire universe. Research undertaken by cosmologist and inventor Nassim Haramein has created a “Unified Field Theory.” This information can change our lives on Earth dramatically, as it unlocks deep levels of understanding of human existence through an exploration of the geometric structure of the universe and human consciousness.

The unified field is the space we occupy. No matter how big or small, all matter we observe is made of atoms and all atoms are of 99.99999% space. Physicists use math to describe the universe and the nature of reality through the language of equations. We can improve our understanding of the fundamentals of our universe when we understand the geometry of the fabric of the vacuum and the dynamics of space-time within that structure.

This is a critical period in our evolution where we can come into coherency and harmony with nature instead of destroying our environment as we interact with it and transform our society from scarcity consciousness to abundance.

We live in the perfect organization of a holographic and non-linear fractal universal structure. We are a reflection of the abundance of mother Earth; like her, we are self-sustaining. The anxiety we feel as a human race is a direct result of the stress of living within the confines of a box of a closed system. Stress can be better defined as the misinterpretation and misrepresentation of misinformation and acceptance of living within the confines of a mistaken identity as limited beings confined within a limited structure. There are no closed systems in nature. What appears to be an isolated system is actually connected to an infinite amount of information. We are in effect, a container of the infinite potential of the entire universe.

Our society, as a whole, tends to embrace looking outside of ourselves for answers, based on expansion and radiation instead of contraction – exploding fuel-filled rockets instead of floating hot air balloons.

The Year of the Dragon is a perfect opportunity to break out of the box in our search for creative solutions by going towards the centre and using our intuition to find answers from within. We are invincible if we harness our collective power to command our energies toward the inevitability of a peaceful harmonious existence, through breakthroughs in enlightenment rather than disaster.