Project Description

Life is like a goddess performing a veil dance. Every movement heightens awareness in anticipation of capturing a glimpse of the gem inside. Each veil is cast off in a beautiful cascade of color, unraveling the next layer to reveal the treasure within. As each colorful veil gently floats to the ground, we are reminded that surrender can be a beautiful thing!

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There is no wrong way to dance to the music in your soul! 

My body just felt like it knew what to do, I felt energized and I felt like I had danced my dance which is an amazing feeling which is so great that it’s to hard explain.” Shea Betten (11 years old), New York

What Is The Call To Dance?

“Your calling is that thing that brings great pleasure when fulfilled and keeps you up at night when ignored.” Will Hatch

Letter from Colette…


In my quest to understand how remote healing is possible I have found myself on amazing adventures in exotic places from the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber in Egypt  and just recently, Machu Picchu and in ceremony in the jungles of Peru,  gaining experience and accelerating my understanding and skill set along the way. I have been blessed to work with some of the most brilliant minds and talented energy practitioners, seminar leaders, shamans, gurus and alchemists from all walks of life and cultures. Leaving no stone unturned, I have searched for better and better ways to inspire others with this information; standing alone on stage and along with others. I have incorporated the knowledge gained from successfully hosting and managing over fifty seminars and hundreds of live demonstrations globally as well as from experience gained as a radio show host on The Truth Is Funny radio show. (I even wrote a best selling book about it!) At first the sheer volume of information was overwhelming, but once I broke it down to sizeable bites, I was able to re-organize the information to build a strong foundation for this program integrating knowledge with complimentary skills developed from “hands on” learning and incorporating that as a lifestyle choice and to share as teaching material.

A decade later, I feel I have now come full circle as, perhaps somewhat wiser and still dripping a bit from the wringer, I ask myself how I got into this gig in the first place and why I continue to teach?  It seemed a bit ridiculous in the beginning that I was going to be asked to share this information through an oracle of dragons and I was barely wet behind the ears in this business when I came to the full realization that it would be beneficial to gain credibility before going that route…

One of the benefits of using your intuition is the creative genius that comes along with it. Many of the people who I have worked with experience a spike in their creativity that moves them to express themselves through art, writing, poetry, books and music, dancing, etc. It is therefore no surprise that in 2007 Ahnje first announced her presence as the first of sixty-four dragons from the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light that I would bring to light via the canvas. Perhaps what is surprising, is that they hung in there for over a decade and have finally convinced me to follow my natural tendency to have fun playing with energy rather than working with it!

What better way, then, to share cutting-edge wizdom from my Inter-Galactic friends who have exemplified unconditional love as they accompany me on this fascinating journey.

I do it because I can! And, it is calling me….

I have a tendency to attract clients who are already well on their path who want to speed things up, or on the other end of the spectrum, the granola crowd who enthusiastically embrace the principles of ease.  Over the years I have incorporated a unique balance between logic and mystery to shift even the most stubborn left brained people into embracing their authentic desires, usually well educated professionals who recognize that there is more to life than what they have been taught and know enough to recognize that to get to the top of their game they need to change their mind…

I offer respite from every day mundane conversation for up to twenty-four open-minded individuals who enjoy having fun gathering skills, sharing common ground and creating community with others who resonate with your vibe.

Upon registration you will receive a form to state your intention for the event and to give a base line as to how you feel about accomplishing your goal.

(Vegas Rules Apply)

All The Best,

Your Fun Facilitator

Colette Marie Stefan