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Dragonflies are intimately connected to dragon energy. They embody the power of flight and mastery of life on the wing. Viewing life from all angles, they use the power of light to escape the blows that life can deliver. These crystal rays reach out from the Great Central Sun to embrace and envelope love through the heart space.

Fertility. Children. Mothers. Joy. Bliss. Peace. Unconditional Love.

The true mother of the Egyptian royal bloodline is the Goddess Isis. All Egyptian civilization was born of her womb. She is the patron saint of women, mothers, children and fertility and is often depicted as nursing her son, Horus. There is a wide belief that this image was inspiration for the classic Christian portrait of Madonna and child. “Joy” is the ultimate expression of all that is, the feeling of bliss evoked in the process of possessing ones authentic desires This card strengthens mother/child relationships, from conception to old age. If you have had an argument with your mother or your child clip this with a photo of yourself and place with a rose quartz crystal. Put it with your birth control method for strong protection with few side affects. To increase fertility, clip photos of the “expectant” couple together along with a baby announcement card to invite the soul in.

And The Beat Goes On… And the Beat Goes On!