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Ken Stone


Ken Stone "The Soul Archaeologist" is an Internationally recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer, and Founder of the Academy of Spiritual Leadership and Mastery. With his ability to energetically re-tune a person's body, mind, and spirit Ken has helped thousands of people around the world remember and experience their Divine nature from Spiritual Messengers exploring greater [...]

Tim Wheatley


Tim Wheatley, Enlightened thinker, Inner Convergence Therapy Counselor, Kindle Best Selling Author and creator of the most transformational breathwork meditation CD on the market today. Realizing he was psychic very early on, Tim began his spiritual path at the ripe age of 5 years old and has been fortunate enough to study with Enlightened Masters [...]

Karen Campbell Betten


Karen Campbell Betten is a Certified BodyTalk practitioner, Yuen Method Master and Instructor, Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and mother. She is the owner ofIntuitive Living, which provides private and group sessions and seminars to connect each and every person to their infinite potential. We as humans only tap into a fraction of our infinite [...]