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(take the high road…)

Stella really regretted her decision to sleep in and miss the photo shoot for the radio show!

 In her defense it DID snow the very next day, and rained for five days before…. because of her five years of dedicated service to TTIF I surprised her with her own little mini shoot…. and it;s a wrap!

Your Host, Colette Marie Stefan

At first it felt very strange to be on radio! And now, I am live on video, on Facebook, on You Tube later, while I am providing Energetic Upgrades for people who call in, having a conversation with a guest or winging the conversation on my own, while keeping track of time in radio-land (where alarms ring if there is more than 5 seconds silence). My guests are often also doing their thing energetically and we have to remember to advertise our events. Thank goodness that the technology is taken care of by the producer of the show!

In the beginning, I would often lie down for a few hours after every show due  to the energy it required. Now I rarely notice, unless my pets are purging for me.

It has really emphasized for me, how strong the influence our sub-conscious upbringing truly is. I didn’t have any conscious intention to host a radio show but now looking back, I realize as shy as I was, I was groomed for radio much of my youth because my dad, Maauurice Joseph LePage , was an entrepreneur, he would say, “Shift or get off the pot!” Something like that! He loved using radio to advertise his businesses. He would hum, whistle or sing his jingle  with a big, wide grin on his face as he went about errands around the house. The Fred and Willy show on CKRM Radio was playing EVERY morning for years in our house.

Years later, I opened the first high-end dog boutique in Regina. Bad To The Bone. EVERY day, like clock work, a host from the radio station around the block, was dragged in by Daphne, his little pug, who had a healthy appetite and VERY expensive taste!  She loved to visit me every day while he and I would laugh at her antics and the latest buzz on radio!

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