The triggers for allergies generally consist of multiple influences. Testing a substance alone will often feel strong for a person unless it is combined with emotional re-actions, psychic and spiritual influences. People who are hypersensitive with strong emotional re-actions have many combinations of accumulations to delete.


If you have been suffering from allergies since you were a young child growing up, it is most likely not your favorite substance causing the problem. It is more likely that your parents’ re-actions to inaccurate information has rubbed off on you. Remove the trigger by separating the substance from inaccurate information and emotional re-actions.

“I listened to Colette on the Sheila show and knew that I wanted her to work with me. I have never listened live to the show but on this day I knew I needed to. I have lived in Shaghai for the past year and a half, and for a year of that I have had extreme allergies and asthma (the medical diagnosis). Having spent more time ill than well here and with the ill episodes getting longer it was difficult for me to get strong and healthy between so that when I connected with Colette on the Sheila show I was quite weak, weary and suffering from not being able to breathe well. Also because I was so weak, I was not able to walk for more than a few steps at a time. Colette worked with me on the show and set the ball rolling. I knew the base of what was going on was emotional with the environment simply aggravating everything but I didn’t have the correct tools to deal with it. The first thing Colette did was tell me it was 100% emotional and that the causes are NEVER what we think they are. By the end of the show session I was feeling much better with Colette strengthening my breathing and also my lower torso and then strengthening them to each other. She also opened up my throat. The show was on a Wednesday.
Many things started clearing in my body and everything that was being set in motion sent me in a tailspin so I contacted Colette and scheduled a session with her for Monday. During that session she started purging the troublesome aspects of my life that were causing the asthma and walking problems. It was bizarre the things she was pulling out of my past! She also started correcting all the other aspects and issues up at this time.
I scheduled another session for that Friday. That day was my first day back at work and I actually worked a 12 hour day having no problems with my breathing or my walking. So it was essentially nine days for the work Colette did with me to get me from the place I was on the Sheila Show to being back functioning totally! That is absolutely amazing – I have never experienced anything to be able to clear all of this in short a period of time. I’m looking forward to the shifts from the session on Friday – Colette said that my life would not look the same to me one week from then! So yeah….
I’m making my wish list of all of the things that I want to work on and will definitely work with Colette. She is warm and loving, totally non judgmental and so intuitive so that she can get to the heart of the issues. I am forever grateful to you Colette for your work.”
Deborah Weimer, Shanghai, China



The more a family struggles with the challenges of raising an autistic child, the more the autistic child struggles.


The gap between “autistic” and “normal” people is closing. Many people in society today are somewhat autistic in behavior, preferring interaction with computers to people, relying on “virtual friends” rather than actual live people. You can see this at any public outing where people will gather for social interaction, yet ignore the people they are with in order to text and post on social outlets. They are not really present with the people who have taken time to physically be with them, nor with the virtual friends they are texting; yet they are considered normal.

“Hello Colette,

“Thank you for what you’ve done for Jacob my son, myself and truly the whole family. There aren’t words to express the depth of gratitude. When my first-born child Jacob started to show signs of some major struggles I was in denial and desperate to fix things … We soon came to find out that he was to be diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, a language based learning disability and opposition defiant disorder. I was devastated and wanted nothing more than for my son to not be living in a state of complete torture every day.
“This is what it was like for him. He was extremely violent. I would always be covered in bruises from a sweet little boy who just couldn’t control himself no matter how badly he wanted to. He had virtually no self- regulation system combined with a nervous system that is so sensitive, that just being touched gently had the impact of a ton of bricks landing on him. The guilt I could see and feel he had after these intense outbursts was heartbreaking for me as a mother to watch.
“He wouldn’t look anyone in the eye, would growl and show his teeth if you tried to speak to him or even just say hello. He could not read and of course had no friends. His world was small painful and isolating for us all. I knew in my heart that there must be more that could be done.
“Oh, for sure, we did everything we could through the conventional system. The psychologist, behaviour consultant, pediatrician, psychiatrist, naturopath, aba tutoring, and every possible parenting program I’ve heard of in the lower mainland. This all did have a positive impact, however I was still so broken and spent most of my time in fear of my sons future. Not to mention the guilt I carried that somehow this was all my fault.
“Jacob was on five medications and was still barely making it through a day. My dear friends and support system knew of my search for natural solutions for Jacob and it was four and a half years ago (2011) when one of my angelic friends took me to a demo of Colette Stefan’s. I happened to be chosen as one of the individuals to be demonstrated on that night. I had no idea to just what extent the impact of this moment would have on the rest of my life!
“I couldn’t believe how Colette seemed to just know exactly what was going on and how I was feeling. Things I only shared with my best friend. I could feel myself changing right then and there. I had never believed shifting at this level was possible. I instantly began to feel some hope and relief from the pain I had been carrying. I decided to book a private session with Colette in regards to my son. To my surprise, she said Jacob, my son would not need to be there.
“I was shocked and totally relieved because I was sure he would throw something at her if she said the wrong thing. She spent an hour working with me and my son via distance. Colette started to clear issues around my son needing so much medication, his social interaction, how people perceived him. She cleared issues around his support system, better understanding him and mostly my guilt and worry.
“I lived most days in anxiety and so was very relieved to feel relaxed the following day. My son had a psychiatrist appointment the day after our first session and to my amazement the doctor suggested lowering Jacob’s medication instead of adding another which is what typically happened at all of our appointments.
“This started the miraculous journey of freedom from medication. Truly this was the start of many freedoms my son would soon get to experience. Jacob started to respond to people without growling and could look people in the eyes and would even say hello. To my absolute joy, my son started to read and absorb learned information! I was so worried I would never see that day. There were clear and dramatic changes from our very first session.
“Everyone supporting Jacob, the teachers and principal at his school were so happy and astounded in Jacob’s transformation. People who had not seen Jacob in a year or two and met him again did not believe it was the same child. The people who believed nothing good would come of my son were all proved wrong!!!!
“One of the most amazing parts was that they were shocked to find out that his continued growth and progress over the first six months Colette was working with us all corresponded with medication decreases instead of increases. My son was breaking free! The anxiety attacks that crippled him stopped and had even turned to smiles. He has continued to make such strong and steady progress.
“You would not know today, meeting Jacob, that he was diagnosed with all these labels. He is bright and has developed some amazing friendships and has many interests that he loves, such as Lego. So a child that was locked in pain and suffering has become free and expressive!
“It’s the hugest gift that anyone could have ever given us. The energy clearing that Colette did has been so profound that I have been her student for the last four years and have loved learning how to shift energy proficiently and effectively from the person who basically saved my son’s life from complete suffering. Thank you so much Colette. I love you with all my heart. Jacob, Geoff my husband, our little girl Alyssa and I will always be filled with gratitude.”

Love always, Nicole



Unfortunately the treatment is very primitive: cut, burn, poison. A high percentage of doctors surveyed admit that they would not put themselves or their loved ones through chemotherapy or radiation; however they routinely recommend it to the vast majority of their patients.


At most hospitals the most common treatments for cancer are administered with sophisticated equipment by highly educated professionals.


Over the years I have worked with many patients who have faced the diagnosis of cancer. It is challenging to find anything funny about cancer, however the lighter the attitude, generally the better the outcome …

I was speaking at The Spring Festival of Awareness, in Naramata B.C., Canada, an annual event that celebrates alternative thinking and healing modalities. A woman in the audience came to the front and asked if I would work on her elderly father who had lung cancer, using her as a surrogate. He was in hospital in palliative care and was not expected to recover.

The following year, she was attending the festival once again as was I, and I asked her what had happened with her father. She replied that he had made an unexpected turn for the better and after several months, they removed him from palliative care, even though all his tests showed that he still had cancer. The difference was it no longer bothered him. I had energetically shifted him to let go of any concerns about cancer and dying from his mind and send them out to black wholes, then spun in reasons to live well through white holes.

She told me that typical conversations with him went something like this …“Dad, you have to cooperate with the doctors, they need to do tests.”, “Why do they need to do tests?”, “Because you have cancer.”, “I do? Are you sure? I feel so good!”, or … “Dad, would you like to go for an ice-cream?”, “I don’t like ice-cream! Well, maybe I do, OK!”, or “Dad, would you like to go to an art exhibition?” “Nah, I don’t like art! Wait a minute, maybe I do!

She told me that it wasn’t just the cancer he forgot, it was also many other things he didn’t like. When she asked him if it bothered him that he could not remember some things, he said he felt that if it was important to remember he would, because he always remembered the people he loves. As it turned out, he did really enjoy art and was very animated in his conversations when discussing it. The following year, we met once again and her father was now at home and still doing better than expected.