If you are in the habit of using monumental effort to achieve anything that you have deemed important, your daily routine will be eroded by it. Consistently putting more effort than is necessary into any given activity depletes your life force energy and has a negative, draining effect on every aspect of life.


If you do even the smallest task, from the time you first wake up in the morning until the time you go to sleep, with the intention of taking immediate and consistent steps of action towards your goals, you are in the process of achieving them!

A client came to me for a private session because, for over a decade, he had been experiencing major issues in his life, particularly with his health. He had gained weight, his body ached all over, he had hearing and vision loss and he was always fatigued. The leading weakness came up as financial. When I asked him what was going on in his life when he first noticed that he was not feeling healthy, he mentioned that at that time his business partner had defrauded him and many of their clients out of a huge amount of money. To protect his clients and his good name, he had chosen to take the financial hit, but he was still “paying the price” all these years later. As he was relating the story to me, his eyes filled with tears and he said, “I will never forget when I received that phone call … It was on Wednesday evening at eight o’clock.”
This client was unaware on a conscious level that for well over a decade, every Wednesday at eight o’clock PM his body, mind and spirit were re- acting to the shock he had experienced when he received that call over ten years ago. The accumulations of those sensations and his sensitivity to them were weakening him in every aspect of his life every Wednesday. Now that this weakness has been cleared and he is aware of it, he can strengthen himself at that time every day instead of un-consciously weakening himself.
Case Study