Weaknesses to listening often cause hearing problems and infections of the middle ear. People have a tendency to hear what they want to hear and avoid listening to what is painful for them. If the underlying weaknesses are not addressed the problems with hearing often get worse before they get better.


Although ear infections are common in babies and young children, most clear up on their own. Identifying the underlying weaknesses can help alleviate pain and speed up recovery.

At a live demo, there was a gentleman who had been unable to hear out of his left ear for many years. He stepped up somewhat reluctantly when his name was chosen. I was standing on his right side, and this gentleman was unable to listen to me as I spoke; yet he could clearly hear the man who was interning with me, and who was standing to his left, the sided of his supposedly “bad” ear.
The leading weakness for his hearing was actually a weakness to listening to the higher pitched tones of women in general and his mother in particular. As I was talking to him, gophers popped into my mind. I asked him if he had ever hunted gophers as a child. (Gophers are considered a hazard to livestock by farmers and ranchers on the prairies. Children are encouraged to kill as many as possible, and earn a bounty, by bringing the tails home as proof). He wept as he let go of a suppressed memory of gopher hunting with friends at the age of twelve, how he succumbed to peer pressure, and laughed with his friends as the gophers screamed in pain before they died.
The underlying root cause for his loss of hearing was a weakness to spiritual experiences of listening to women and children screaming in pain while men roared in laughter. His hearing was instantly restored when he connected with the suppressed memory and he forgave himself unconditionally.
Case Study