A woman’s ability to experience the ecstatic orgasmic pleasure of life is drastically reduced and most often severed following a hysterectomy if the energetic weaknesses are not addressed.


If the uterus, ovaries, cervix have been removed, it is possible to energetically rejuvenate and improve function in the body by clearing accumulations of non-physical trauma, torture, castration, rape and other negative life experiences in the past, present and future. Pay particular attention to religious experiences.

I worked with a fifty-seven year old woman who was experiencing heavy vaginal bleeding for several years, before and after menopause. She had a grapefruit sized fibroid tumor in her uterus that the doctors were reluctant to remove without a total hysterectomy because of concerns of uterine and cervical malignancy. She was reluctant to undergo the surgery because she did not want to sacrifice her sexual pleasure, specifically uterine orgasm. We worked on her letting go of non-physical
concerns and weaknesses regarding the surgery as well as the physical aspects of maintaining the connections between the CNS, PNS, reproductive, respiratory and digestive systems. We also worked on strengthening the structure of the empty space of the removed organs.
She is happy to report that she has not lost any function, and was able to achieve orgasm within two and half weeks of the surgery.
Case Study