The many issues around excess weight have as many layers as the tissues that they are held in. Many of these issues are deep-rooted and revolve around sexuality, fitness, finances, significant relationships, etc. These can be challenging to face and people easily become discouraged, and sabotage their success.


Once the many underlying issues around reducing body mass are resolved, excess weight melts away.

“I hope you had a great Christmas! I am really enjoying your tele-seminar! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to listen last week live and won’t be able to listen tomorrow but I am getting some serious results and I love listening to the recordings. Even though I haven’t been on the calls live for two weeks I am definitely experiencing the shift regardless. I swear Colette! It is blowing my mind! I’ve noticed my body tighter and firmer and I haven’t put on any weight over the holidays yet! I have been eating what is in front of me. LOL! There are times where I have just stopped getting dressed and thought, ‘why is my body feeling so good!’ and then I giggle and think to myself ‘its Colette’s teleseminar!’ So grateful to have found you! I hope you continue these sessions in the future! Thanks Again!”
DP, Canada
“Hi Colette, I wanted to say thank you for the amazing work you do. I love the Telespa! My whole body looks and feels slimmer. It looks like I workout but all I have been doing is putting tension in my body . Thank you.”
Tracy, Vancouver
The changes I am experiencing are absolutely fabulous! My body shape is changing and I have more energy than I have had in a very long time. I am even dropping weight which is an extra bonus.
I went to do some shopping … habits are interesting, because I purchased what normally would only to find that what I purchased was too big. Shrunk the and now they all fit. I got a good chuckle out of the process. I now have to learn to try things on… I’m at that place and looking very forward to reaching the goal that I have set for myself.” Thank you for all the corrections!”
Cindy Halcrow, BC