Even if a person has undergone a series of tests and procedures, yet has not been diagnosed with a particular disease, the lack of a resolution of the symptoms will have a negative effect on that person’s ability to heal. If a person insists that the source of his or her discomfort and pain is not the true weakness, it is likely that the symptoms will intensify, because now both the original discomfort on the physical level as well as the discomfort of being unable to resolve it must be dealt with or tolerated.


Technology and science are advancing at a rapid rate allowing for a higher success rate for recovery. If you use your intuition to perceive the underlying non-physical weaknesses, you can eliminate cause and effect and strengthen individuals to get the optimum result from any procedure, treatment and/or medication.

“I am a fifty-one year old woman with a medical history of scoliosis surgery at age 13 and stomach problems from years of anti-inflammatory medications. I was having minor problems on and off as far back as 2010 and was on a high dose of prescription acid reducers.
“In the fall of 2013, I was admitted to the Emergency department of the hospital for very bad nausea, vomiting, stomach spasms, heart palpitations, shivering, shaking, anxiety and exhaustion. My minor problems became major ones with numerous all night Emergency room visits, vast amounts of medications at various dosages, ranging from high to exceptionally high, a thirty pound weight loss, leaving me at a whopping 105 pounds. I was pricked with needles, scanned, x-rayed, probed with cameras and underwent countless procedures, blood tests and lab work. After exhausting myself with the medical system, I was still very sick, and yet, had no answers as to why or what was wrong or how I could feel better.
“I started having sessions with Colette in the summer of 2014, and so ended my emergency room visits. I am happy to report that I am off all medications and manage to keep everything I eat down. My energy is coming back and I have even started to gain a little weight. I am looking forward to continued improvements to my health and vitality. Thank you so much for being there for me when everyone else was saying, ‘Sorry, we can’t do anything more for you. ”
Cindy Leigh Yelland Kelowna. BC