The main problem that doctors and patients face when it comes to pain, and back pain in particular, is that even with all the modern technology and advances in medicine, arriving at an exact diagnosis only happens rarely because the focus is on the physical aspects, and the underlying factors are ignored.


It is possible not only to relieve pain, but to eliminate it when the underlying concerns or issues are resolved on all levels of existence. This does not have to take a lot of time. It can happen instantaneously.

“Hi Colette! Your work HAS helped me, and I am ever grateful! Since listening to your work offered on Sheila Gale’s show 7/19, a dull pain under my right shoulder blade is now completely gone. The pain was evident for 28 years. Have tried MANY modalities over the years… none were successful until I found you! My love an MANY Blessings.”
Cynthia Stead
In 2010 on a flight from Vancouver, BC to Penticton, BC a young man struggled down the aisle on crutches, and sat in the seat in front of me. I was sitting next to a doctor who was on his way home from a pain symposium that he had attended regarding pain management. He asked me what I did for a living and I told him that I taught seminars on how to eliminate pain. The young man overheard our conversation and asked if we could help him out. His foot had been run over in a motorbike accident a few years earlier, and he had been on crutches ever since. He said that he had been on many pain medications, yet was unable to get relief from the pain or to put any weight on the foot.
The doctor said, “Ask her, I just relieve pain. She says she can eliminate it.” The young man replied, “No, offense but I would rather talk to him.” I told him no offense was taken, but suggested that he attend the free demonstration of energetic work that I and my colleague, Phil Free were giving that evening.
There were about fifty people attending the demonstration that evening, and he came in on crutches just as we were about to begin. I immediately called him up to the front and we got to work. Within five minutes, the pain was drastically reduced, and within twenty minutes, he was walking for the first time in years without crutches. It was very emotional for him and the audience who witnessed him letting go of the pain and walking out of the building, carrying his crutches.
The pain was actually referred from his right index finger, his “trigger finger.” He was wearing army camouflage pants and said that he had always drawn to “army clothing” but didn’t feel like he was “that kind of guy.” Once the underlying past life issues regarding his battlefield experiences were cleared, we worked on the physical issues, and as he let go of the emotional and psychological traumas that had been triggered when the accident happened he was able to use his foot again.
Case Study