Many people rely on motivation to achieve their goals. If motivation is their driving force, then when the motivation runs out they will be left with struggle, and struggle inevitably leads to more struggle.


The average person uses, at best, four to five percent of his or her potential. If you tap into just a little more of your potential you can easily become a stronger version of yourself and excel at anything.

“Before I started working with Colette I couldn’t move out of a dance level called Novice and the dance Slip Jig was the problem. I couldn’t get a first place in that dance. I had gone to many dance compositions but I couldn’t do it and when I did it I didn’t feel alive my energy was low and I wasn’t enjoying myself, then my mom introduced me to Colette on a phone conversation. As the session went on I started feeling a some what of a ‘click’ also my body was basically telling me this is what is going to help. I also felt many changes in my body, also I could connect myself to my body.
“A day after the phone session I had a dance competition and dancing the Slip Jig felt amazing. My body just felt like it knew what to do, I felt energized and I felt like I had danced my dance which is an amazing feeling which is so great that it’s to hard explain. Well that day I got first in the Slip Jig. And then a couple months later I went to the Mid Atlantic Regional championships. I dance in the traditional set (a dance). And the moment I stepped on that stage I got a feeling that I get when I know something good is going to happen, and something good did happen I made no mistakes and out of sixty girls I won!
“Colette has changed my life problems and my dancing in many more ways by Colette.”
Shea Betten (11 years old), New York