When people experience accidents and seemingly “hopeless” situations, they often are not aware of the underlying weaknesses that attracted the situation or accident on a sub-conscious and un-conscious level, and so they consciously give in to the hopelessness of the situation.


Even when it seems that there is no hope for recovery, if the underlying non-physical weaknesses are identified and eliminated, it is possible for the physical body to follow.

“When I first met Colette, I was dealing with a nerve injury that caused me to lose the use of and feeling in most of my right hand. Initially, I thought she was absolutely crazy and did not believe that someone could energetically heal my hand. Dozens of doctors had told me that this would be a lifelong injury and that I would forever suffer from chronic regional pain syndrome. Colette began to work on me and cleared energetic blocks; our first session felt more like a visit with an old friend than an appointment to fix my hand. By the end of that first hour, I felt tingling in my fingers. Colette continued to work on me, and shortly before the birth of my twin daughters I regained the full use of my hand. I cannot imagine how it would feel to not be able to hold my baby girls, and thanks to Colette I don’t have to. Colette’s work gave me my life back: I can now do things that I never thought were possible.”
Mike B.