For many people, purposeful communication is limited because they re-act to experiences and encounters instead of perceiving them as a full expression of their infinite potential. The reasons why people react have many hidden and deceptive aspects that are influenced greatly by spiritual, religious, collective, cultural, karmic, astrological and psychic energies of which the average person remains unaware of.


Choice is freedom to experience life at its finest, here on planet earth. Perception is greatly influenced by your relationship with yourself, the rest of humanity, the planet and all universal beings. It is possible to strengthen your wavelength to attract beneficial people and situations.

“Hi Colette, I just wanted to say thank you for an incredible weekend! The shifts I experienced are beyond words! Not only do I feel NO emotional charge about my past relationship. I think I’ve dropped like 5 lbs since Saturday. I put on a skirt I bought a week ago and it’s loose in the waist now! I was carrying a lot of stuff from that relationship and I FINALLY feel free. I’ve done so much healing work over the past two years and none of it compares to the instant shift I experienced this weekend.
“You are a great teacher and I appreciate you sharing yourself wholeheartedly with us all weekend!”
Andrea Dupuis, Leader to Luminary Training Inc., Vancouver