Most people are so focused on the false obligations of society that they ignore other aspects of their whole being. People who are out of balance within their authentic selves require monumental effort just to get out of bed to start their day, and they are often exhausted before their feet hit the floor.


If you do the smallest tasks with purpose, from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, you are aligned to your purpose and moving towards your goals.

“Dear Colette, Thank you for working with me and helping me on the Joy Radio show just a short while ago. I do feel clearer, lighter, more positive in the belief that I can be healed of this PTSD. I will book a private session with you, so that we can go into the core of this much deeper. I will be on the Tele-Call tonight too. Again, I thank you so much, for connecting with me and helping me. I feel very blessed, as I thought I would get to listen, but received so much more as we connected. Til tonight, Much Appreciation, gratitude and love.”
Era A., Ontario