Symptoms are caused by disorder of the muscularskeletal structures, and is rarely physical at root cause; however, most people try, unsuccessfully, to change it by addressing the pain as a physical problem.


Energetic shifts move structure because body structure is not fixed in space. Finding comparative structural weaknesses and realigning them allows the body to re-pattern itself according to its original blueprint. If there is a miasma that a person came in with, it can also be shifted to re-pattern itself after another person who represents ideal structure as a point of reference.

“Thank you Sheila for introducing me to Colette. I received more than one marvelous healing from this call tonight. I am a 3rd generation meta physician, my mentors are notable and many over the years. I have trained and have enough certifications to wall-paper a pretty good sized wall. I have had great success in facilitating healing for others however until tonight I have never experienced an instantaneous healing for myself.
“For the first time in my life I am able to stand, sit and walk straight. I hesitated to write even so until today, 2 days later and after visiting my Chiropractor to share my joy and yes, to have him verify that my body has indeed changed physically. I have tried to keep this to as few words as possible, I could go on and on with great gobs of joy and do so with everyone I encounter but words cannot explain what I am feeling ,knowing and being now. Please feel free to use this testimonial in all or part. In Love, light, grace, ease, joy and unlimited gratitude.”