Grace Your Space with Flare!

Dragons represent potent and benevolent power as the ultimate ruler of all the elements, embodying primordial power as a catalyst for change and transformation, wisdom, infinity, longevity and movement through space-time.

“ One of the side effects of using your intuition is the creative genius that comes along with it. Many of the people whom I have worked with experience a spike in their creativity that moves them to express themselves through art, writing poems, books and music, dancing, etc. Therefore it comes as no surprise that in 2007 Ahnje, Crystal Queen announced her presence as the first dragon in a series of Inter-Galactic Dragons from The Federation of Light who make their presence know through my intuition as a completed painting that evolves into a dragon tale from the variations of space-time.

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Dragon Art to Soothe Your Soul!

How do energy correcting cards work?

 These magical cards have been a decade in the making, imprinted by Colette with intentions to shift energetic weaknesses into alignment with your authentic desires.

The original paintings are adorned with Swarovski Crystals, other gems and infused with the innate wizdom of the dragons.  Each card is designed to accelerate universal love through the qualities of crystals and the element of fire.

Balanced Feng Shui can make substantial improvements for members of a family and/or a business. Paintings are the perfect tool to instill positive energy into a room because they embody movement, color, light, textures, nature and the elements, inspiring positive emotional states.